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Bolivia Holidays

Bolivia is a land of outstanding cultural richness and spectacular natural beauty, frequently described as a microcosm of South America itself. Compared to its illustrious neighbours, Bolivia feels a little more off the beaten track, with fewer boutique hotels or luxuries. But none-the-less, visitors receive a great welcome here and can enjoy one of the most authentic experiences in the region.
Regularly included in a tour of Peru or Chile, there is however more than enough to do and see on holidays in Bolivia to justify an exclusive visit. This intriguingly beautiful country of 10.5 million people is one-third Andean mountain range, with most of the remainder located in the Amazon rainforest.
Its capital La Paz is ringed by volcanoes and is the highest in the world. There are markets everywhere, characterised by indigenous women wearing their iconic bowler hats and bright clothing. Plaza Murillo lies at the heart of the colonial centre and for those wanting to take in the spectacular setting, there is no better way than by the Mi Teleferico, the world’s longest urban cable-car network. Spanish and pre-colonial culture meld easily and the country’s remarkable ethnic mix has generated a fantastic choice of great food and drink.
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Named in 1825 after Simon Bolivar, the great Venezuelan independence leader, it is land-locked by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. The Spanish governed Bolivia as part of Peru and it was the silver from Bolivia’s mines that financed much of the Spanish empire. Today many Bolivia holidays include a visit to the old colonial town of Potosí and its silver mines. Near by Sucre is Bolivia’s judicial capital and is its real showpiece. It is a charming colonial city that is a centre of learning and culture, including the highly praised Museum of Indigenous Art.
To the northwest, world-renowned Lake Titicaca is shared with Peru. A boat trip across this stunning lake is a wonderful way to reach Peru or visit its islands, many of which are steeped in legend and traditional culture. Most visited is Isla del Sol with its numerous pre-Inca ruins, which is thought to be the birthplace of the Inca sun god Inti. The sense of peace and tranquility out on the lake and the jaw-dropping beauty of the electric blue waters make Lake Titicaca one of South America's most memorable sites.
In the far south, Uyuni is the gateway town to another unique natural wonder, the amazing Salar de Uyuni salt flats. Once part of a super lake, the variation in altitude of less than one metre means that even when it rains, there is only a shallow sheet of water. The sky and land appear to merge into one incredible landscape and it is still possible to drive across. Take a few props as the lack of anything on the horizon lets you take amusing perspective photos.
Bolivia’s diverse geography is reflected in its wide range of wildlife, from flamingos feeding on red mineral lakes in the desolate Altiplano to the huge number of butterfly in the Amboró National Park. Bolivia’s pristine national parks also include Madidi and the remote Noel Kempff Mercado, home to rare animals such as jaguar, pink dolphin and giant armadillo.
The dazzling mix of snow-capped mountains, shimmering salt flats and historic silver towns, as well as its national parks, make holidays in Bolivia some of South America’s most enchanting. Enriched by the wonderful art galleries and museums that reflect the history of this fascinating and once turbulent country, Bolivia is a wonderful destination in its own right.
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