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Lesotho Holidays & Sani Pass Tours

Lesotho Holidays & Sani Pass tours will immerse you in the culture of this small but fascinating mountain kingdom (formerly known as Basutoland), with its strong Basotho traditions. As there are very few roads in the Drakensberg Mountains, pony trekking is the main mode of transport in these highlands. The men covering their bodies with warm colourful blankets, wear distinctive pointed hand-woven hats & smoke using very long pipes.
One of the highest countries in the world, Lesotho is surrounded on all sides by South Africa. The landscape is dominated by the imposing Drakensberg Mountains with their soaring peaks, cascading waterfalls and enormous panoramas, earning them their Zulu name of 'Barrier of Spears'.
The drive from KwaZulu Natal twists and snakes through the Drakensberg Mountains, making it one of Africa’s toughest but most rewarding journeys. There is even a cosy pub located on the border – the world’s highest at 2,874m – where you can enjoy a celebratory drink on Lesotho holidays. As the ascent is very steep and narrow, the most popular way of getting a Lesotho stamp in your passport is combing a holiday in South Africa with organised Sani Pass tours, travelling in a 4x4 vehicle from the southern Drakensberg. On a clear day the view from here stretches to the horizon & you are likely to see local Basotho men pony trekking.
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More information on Lesotho holidays, Sani Pass tours in the Drakensberg Mountains & pony trekking:
The tiny mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is made up mostly of highlands, where many villages can only be reached on horseback or by foot. This remote land of spectacular canyons and thatched huts is the home of the Basotho people and is largely untouched by modern life. The Basotho look striking in their traditional woven hats and colourful wool blankets that they drape around their shoulders.
Much more rugged and less developed than its neighbour, Lesotho is the perfect destination for the more adventurous visitor who enjoys travelling by four-wheel drive over rough roads and who is happy to stay in more basic accommodation.
Lesotho holidays & Sani Pass tours offer a great opportunity to explore on horseback or on foot. Pony trekking on sure-footed Basotho ponies is a lot of fun and one of the best ways to truly experience the beauty of this rural nation and to take in the grandeur of its landscapes.
The numerous examples of San Rock Art that are found near the capital of Maseru are some of the best in Africa, and illustrate hunting techniques and Bushmen traditions. At Ha Baroana, there are some incredible paintings of lion, leopard and eland.
For those interested in archaeology, the country is home to the largest site of dinosaur footprints, including Leribe where there are three- and five-toed footprints in the bed of the Subeng River. These offer a totally different perspective on Lesotho holidays & Sani Pass tours.